Refining responsibilities, focusing on responsibility, paying attention to supervision, and strict accountability ------Huangguang Technology held the 2017 annual business task decomposition and target responsibility signing ceremony


On March 31, the spring was bright, I hope to be sprout […]

On March 31, the spring was bright, I hope to be sprouting, and my dream is to set sail. Hangzhou Huiguang Technology Co., Ltd. “2017 Annual Business Task Decomposition and Target Responsibility Signing Ceremony” was successfully held at the Evolution Tianle Hotel, the general manager of the company Zhang Huiming, deputy General Manager Huang Jun and more than 20 people from all levels of management cadres and key employees attended the meeting.

This meeting is to implement the spirit of the company's annual work report, convey the work requirements of the general manager's deployment, and refine the annual target tasks of the production system, business system, and administrative system to ensure clear objectives, clear measures, and responsibility.

At the working meeting, Huang Jun, the company's deputy general manager, first explained the meeting from three “dimensions” according to the “one three five” plan in the company's annual work report. Huang Zong pointed out: “clear tasks, accept orders”, “ Sharing learning, community experience, "finding a mirror, shaping oneself", we must challenge the work requirements throughout the year, rationalize our thinking, work hard, and set a military order. According to the contents of the company's annual work report, comprehensive market demand and the company's current situation, Mr. Huang has detailed decomposition and interpretation of the annual business tasks of the eight major departments of production system, business system and administrative system. A total of more than 180 specific Objectives and measures, clearly defined and implemented requirements for each responsible department, responsible person, time limit for completion, coordination department, and assessment form

In order to effectively promote the smooth completion of the company's various tasks in 2017, according to the agenda of the meeting, the company and the heads of the subordinate departments signed the 2017 business target responsibility.

After signing the ceremony of responsibility, General Manager Zhang Huiming made a summary and important instructions to the conference. General Zhang pointed out that this meeting was very timely and just played the role of inheriting the past and the future; Mr. Zhang stressed that we are in the production and operation process. We must continue to implement the 16-word policy of “process control, identification of causes, active remedy, and responsibility” formulated by the company. We must be good at discovering problems, and “proactively bring ideas and ideas” to actively discover some problems. To find out the cause of the problem, it is necessary for every responsible person to go to the front-line inspection work can not "walk the horse", to "discharge the flowers", with the "finding problems" to work, in order to promote the level of management.

Mr. Zhang also emphasized the need to do a good job in safety production, process decomposition, detailed form management, and strengthening 7S management. He also pointed out that the company should continue to innovate and intensify efforts to develop more new products. Sharing the feelings and knowledge gained during his visit to Germany, Mr. Zhang pointed out that the rigorous working attitude of the Germans and the craftsmanship of the Germans are worthy of our study and respect. The company has always been adhering to the "pursuit of perfection, creating quality products". The pursuit of quality is a kind of craftsman spirit. The craftsman spirit is not only a group of artists who make a living by exquisite craftsmanship, but also a manifestation of character. We must not only be a product to have a craftsman spirit, but also must embody the spirit of craftsman to do anything, meticulously To do well, we must use the spirit of artisans to "smart" to represent China's high-quality products.

Mr. Zhang hopes that through today's meeting, all cadres will be able to recognize themselves and improve their deficiencies. The tasks assigned to the meeting should be “emphasized in implementation”. Signing the responsibility is only the beginning. Managers must be prepared for danger and have a sense of urgency. I hope that in the days to come, everyone will make concerted efforts, in order to reflect the value of their own, in order to improve the management, successfully complete the task of the target responsibility, and create a 2017 harvest year!