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Intelligent Self-service
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HT Kiosk, one of largest leading kiosk manufacturers in China, specializing kiosk design and production for OEM/ODM since 2000. With dynamic innovation research & development team, advanced technology and equipment, our team has many advantages on kiosk structure and function design. We truely integrate industrial design into real products, improve each step again and again, then can make the high quality products.

Million kiosks used in Bank, Hospital, Telecom, Electric power, Transportation, Airport, Libary and other area, like Queue kiosk, Info kiosk, Check-in kiosk, Payment kiosk, Digital signage, Wall mounted, Self check out kiosk, Game kiosk, Retail kiosk, Ticket kiosk, Lottery kiosk and so on.

The company’s main products: government service self-service terminals, smart medical self-service terminals, state grid power business full-function terminals, smart switch cabinet terminals, vehicle management self-service terminals, self-service cashier terminals, garbage collection processing terminals, bank self-service teller machines, Super counter, VTM, STM, smart community service terminal, etc.;

Products involve government affairs, medical care, electricity, environmental protection, new retail, new energy, finance and other fields;

When all kinds of ideas are collected, hope is coming

Only move toward the hope a bright future can be created.

We have been moving towards a bright future and never slowed down...




20 years of entrepreneurship, hard and happy, can not be separated from the guidance of the division commander, the development of Huiguang is inseparable from the efforts of Huiguang people, but also the strong support of customer partners, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks! Looking forward to the future, we will have a long way to go. Huiguang Technology will continue to open up a new glorious chapter in the self-help field.






Xiaoshan Advantage Growth Enterprise Alliance
Safe manufacturing standardization
Zhejiang Green Enterprise
Excellent Financial Machine Award
Bronze Award for "Creative Hangzhou" Product Group
Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center
high-tech enterprises
Environmental Management System Certification
Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise
Zhejiang Industrial Design Competition Excellence Award
China's excellent industrial design
Hangzhou Patent Pilot Enterprise
The most growing small and medium-sized enterprises in Hangzhou
Human-computer interaction product research and development base
Integrity and law-abiding demonstration enterprise
Zhejiang Province innovative demonstration small and medium enterprises
Company Concepts

Integrity creates quality, innovation guides the future Integrity and quality are related to the brand and reputation of our company, which is an indispensable quality for HT Kiosk to win in the market competition! Innovation is the soul of a company, so learning to innovate is the key to the development of HT Kiosk. We attach great importance to product R&D and design, and integrates the concept of industrial design into R&D and innovation.

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Testing Scenarios
Testing Scenarios
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