20 years of professional experience make us have a deep understanding of self-service terminal products. Our products have been sold all over the world, used in all walks of life;


20 professional technical team; 5 design engineers, 12 structural design engineers, 3 process optimization engineers; and cooperated with China Metrology University to set up a human-computer interaction product research and development center; with strong drawing output ability, we can be completed within 7 days Product design;


large-scale precision equipment including special laser cutting machine, CNC Punching Machine, CNC bending machine and other large-scale precision equipment with high speed, high accurate , and 16mm sheet cutting thickness, which plays a decisive role in products with complicated process and tight delivery;


Molding processing complements the advantages of laser and numerical control, improves quality and efficiency; Existing: 1860 sets of special molds for metal plate (such as panel drawing mold, special punching mold, etc.), 330 sets of plastic special forming molds (such as LPT , card slot, etc.);


Based on professional spraying line and spraying strict process, standard color plate, and increase electrophoresis process to ensure the quality and efficiency of spraying, and master other processes such as chrome plating and oxidation;

Final assembly

Aiming at the special assembly requirements of self-service terminals, a dust-free and anti-static assembly shop was established, and the product quality was greatly improved. The assembly automatic assembly line was built to promote the production efficiency and ensure the delivery time;


Strongly implement 7S site management, cooperate with performance appraisal system; strengthen system process construction, use all statements and data in production process to speak, and effectively improve execution; strengthen audit work with clear rewards and punishments, clear responsibility, improved management, fast team response and high productivity;


Increase investment in research and development, and successfully develop more than 5 new products every month; increase investment in science and technology, recruit talents, and attract the continuous joining of elites in the industry to ensure the sustainable development of our company;


The enterprise spirit of sharing has been formed; our company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Pursuing Perfection and Creating Quality Products”. The “Four No Principles”, “16-character method” and “16-character policy” are highly praised in the production and operation process which will bea strong source of power for us to move forward!


Our entire line of products has been distributed throughout the country, with good visibility,
market foundation is very good