Zhang Hongjian, vice chairman of Hangzhou CPPCC, and other leaders visited Huiguang Technology Research and Guidance


On the morning of March 14, Zhang Hongjian, vice chairm […]

On the morning of March 14, Zhang Hongjian, vice chairman of the Hangzhou CPPCC, and Yao Ping, director of the Hangzhou CPPCC Proposal Committee, accompanied by the leaders of the town party secretary Lu Weigang and other visits to Huiguang Technology. The general manager of the company, Zhang Huiming, visited the university in Germany. The deputy general managers of the company, Fu Dongfen, Huang Jun, Zheng Zhisheng, etc., received the visiting leaders.

Vice Chairman Zhang and his party visited the company's product display hall. Deputy General Manager Fu Dongfen explained the development of the company's smart terminal products in the fields of finance, retail, telecommunications, electric power, medical care, transportation, etc., and highlighted the company's latest research and development. Mr. Zhang expressed his appreciation for Huiguang's rich self-service product line, especially the self-service cash register solution, and learned more about the R&D and output process of the self-service cash register system. market expectation.

In the conference room on the first floor of the company, Huang Jun, deputy general manager of the company, briefed Vice Chairman Zhang on the development history, business philosophy, management characteristics and superior products of Huiguang Technology. Vice Chairman Zhang gave a positive evaluation to our company's business philosophy of "pursuit of perfection and creation of quality products". I hope that our company will continue to carry forward the "artisan spirit" and unswervingly implement the correct business ideas of "transforming products into selling designs". Make the brand bigger and stronger. At the same time, Vice Chairman Zhang said that in the following year's work, Huiguang will be listed as the contact work unit of Hangzhou CPPCC, and assigned relevant staff to dock with our company to help solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the company's development process and help the company. The introduction of senior talents and the implementation of science and technology plans have prompted our company to develop faster and better.

Fu Dongfen, the deputy general manager of the company, conveyed the great gratitude of General Manager Zhang Huiming to the leaders and leaders at all levels. Fu said that under the leadership of General Manager Zhang Huiming, with the support of all levels of government, Huiguang Technology will be united. Work together, work hard, work hard, keep pace with the times, and continue to provide customers with better and richer smart self-help solutions.