Gathering for the Future, Winning the Future----Huiguang Technology 2017 Summary and Commendation and 2018 New Year Meeting


On February 4, 2018, Huiguang Technology's 2017 Annual […]

On February 4, 2018, Huiguang Technology's 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2018 New Year Annual Meeting were held in Xiaoshan Hometown Resort Hotel. Chairman of the company Zhang Huiming, general manager Fu Dongfen, executive deputy general manager Huang Jun, chairman of the board of directors Zheng Zhisheng, subsidiary of Zhejiang Weizhuo Information General Manager Cai Liang and other leaders, customer guests and all employees of the company attended the meeting.

At the conference, Huang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company, made an annual work report on the theme of “collecting the strength, seeking the future, and exploring new opportunities and breaking new targets in the new situation”. Comprehensive deployment, based on work deployment, improve the company's decision-making governance structure, and announced important decisions and appointment documents of the company's board of directors.

According to the work report, in the past year, under the strong leadership of the municipal and district party committees, the government, the competent departments at all levels, and all walks of life, under the correct leadership of Chairman Zhang Huiming, and under the strong cooperation of various departments, Huiguang Technology Internally, through technological innovation, the advantages of the products have been maintained, and the influence of Huiguang brand has been highlighted; the report also pointed out the existing deficiencies and improvement measures, and released the 2018 business objectives and the key promotion of “selling sales”. Six work ideas for promoting R&D, strict management, cost reduction, service enhancement, and culture.

2018 is the most crucial year for us to accelerate the pace of development. Doing a good job in 2018 is crucial to promoting the rapid development of Huiguang. We must closely focus on the strategic direction and business objectives of 2018. All cadres and employees must use new Thoughts, new methods, to meet new challenges and challenges.

Huiliang Subsidiary (Wei Zhuo Information) General Manager Cai Liang as a subsidiary's annual work report

Chairman of the Board of Directors Zheng Zhisheng as the company's 2018 marketing planning report

Subsequently, representatives of some departments of the company made annual work reports and made up their minds on the work in 2018.

Li Wanhui, the management center, read the company's commendation decision, and the company's top management awarded awards to outstanding Communist Party members and outstanding employees. Participants learned about their talents in their daily work by watching the winners' advanced stories, and they were touched by their dedication and selfless dedication.

Zhang Huiming, the chairman of the company, delivered an important speech. Zhang Dong put forward higher requirements for us. I hope that all of us can make progress together, we must study hard, we must work hard to improve, we must continue to strengthen the concept of industrial design and vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship. Strengthen the supervision of all links, strengthen the quality awareness, and teach us the three-step method to solve the problem. We hope that in the face of the great opportunity of the Asian Games after the previous summit, we will cater to the pace of economic development and use new ideas, new methods and new ideas. Achievements to achieve our own value.

Finally, Huang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company, made a concluding speech at the conference. Huang said that on the basis of 2017, the management revolution should be carried out, the team should be created, the research and development capabilities should be improved, the quality level should be improved, and the serious market should be the king. To ensure the realization of the business objectives in 2018; I hope that all employees can be filled with gratitude and full of enthusiasm into the work.

(middle and high-level photo)

After the conclusion of the commendation ceremony, it was the feast of Huiguang. During the dinner party, everyone laughed and laughed together and toasted for the bright future of Huiguang.

In the New Year group, each department has prepared cultural performances, singing, dancing, and Zhang Dong’s erhu solo. The most exciting is the lottery program. The company has specially set up several awards, lucky prize, fourth prize, third grade, etc. The prizes, second prizes, first prizes, and special prizes will continue to push the climax, the exciting draw, the interaction between the leaders and the employees, and the singing, laughter, applause and cheers will always sway at the venue.