Unite and enterprising, share and share ------Huguang Technology held 2018 grape festival sharing meeting and middle-aged cadre symposium


At 15:00 on July 20, 2018, Huiguang Technology 2018 Gra […]

At 15:00 on July 20, 2018, Huiguang Technology 2018 Grape Festival Sharing Meeting and Mid-Annual Cadre Symposium was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company. The party branch secretary, chairman Zhang Huiming, general manager Fu Dongfen and company members Cadres, middle and senior leaders and key employee representatives attended.

The grape festival sharing event is one of the unique cultural traditions of Huiguang. It is an important festival for us. From 2009 onwards, every year when the grapes in the roof garden mature, the company will organize grape sharing activities to share the labor. Rich fruit, so named "Huiguang Grape Festival". "Unity and enterprising, taking on sharing" is also the eternal theme of Huiguang Grape Festival. It is an important embodiment of Huiguang's corporate culture. On this special day, it expresses Huiguang's affirmation and gratitude for the long-term hard work of employees!

Sharing is the best learning. At the sharing event, everyone is surrounded, unloading the tension and seriousness in the work, raising a happy smile, sharing the experience and harvest in work and life, talking and communicating, and relaxing together. Taste the grapes, taste the delicacies, and enjoy a drink. It is a unique company PARTY!

During the symposium, General Manager Fu Dongfen explained to us what is the real team. When the heart is together, it is called the team. It is necessary to learn from each other and to warm up. To trust each other, communicate and change positions, to be happy; the core reality of teamwork The spirit of cooperation is the cooperative spirit. The good communication ability is the key to teamwork. Without communication, there is no team spirit. In many cases, the relationship between people is mutual and mutual. Fighting can only be both defeated. Only by cooperating with each other and teamwork can we prosper together! The grape festival sharing activities, everyone speaks freely, enhances communication, and reproduces beautiful scenes, so that our Huiguang team is tightly united!

"Unity, enterprising, and sharing" is the request and promise of our team's party secretary and chairman Zhang Huiming to our teamwork. It is not a slogan, it is a spirit. At the symposium, Zhang Dong quoted Mao Zedong's words to explain the meaning of this spirit.

About Unity: We are all from all corners of the country (all over the country), come together for a common revolutionary goal (struggling), our cadres should care about every soldier (employee), all revolutionary teams (companies) must Care for each other, love each other, help each other. We must unite all forces that can be united, not only to unite with those who share their opinions, but also to unite with people who disagree with each other, and to be good at uniting those who have opposed themselves and who have proved to have made mistakes.

About (difficult) enterprising: Our comrades (employees) must see their achievements when they are in trouble, and they must see the light and improve our courage.

Sharing is sweet, commitment is bitter; people who can share are not alone, those who dare to bear are not weak; those who can share are generous, those who dare to bear are brave; the sunshine of the sun is the most selfless sharing The silent land has the most ruthless commitment. Huiguang's grapes need everyone to share, and creating a bright future requires everyone to unite and forge ahead. Learn to share in the commitment, try to share in the sharing, I hope that our Huiguang team will unite and work hard to realize our dream of light!