Huiguang Technology, have to rhythm of fire


On October 20th, 2015, based on the outstanding perform […]

On October 20th, 2015, based on the outstanding performance of Huiguang Technology in the 2015 “Mayor Cup” Creative Hangzhou Design Competition, Yu Hua, deputy director of the Intellectual Property Department of Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, and Hangzhou Daily reporter and technology finance Times reporter, People's Daily overseas network reporter, Hangzhou network reporter and other reporters reported that a group of 8 people came to our company to investigate and report. Zhang Huiming, general manager of the company, Huang Jun, deputy general manager, Zhong Rong, the main designer of the participating products, and the staff of the project management team warmly received the visiting delegation.

The Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission inspected and reported to the company's product display hall, and praised and sighed at the products with novel design and excellent production. Director Yu deputy showed great interest and greatness to our products. Appreciation, even unexpected, can not think of these stunning products, these high-end products are from our hands, are from Hangzhou, from Xiaoshan, from Huiguang.

Subsequently, Huang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company, gave a detailed explanation to the inspection team, explaining the performance, product characteristics and production process of each product, and expounding the impact and significance of each product listed in the industry. R & D strength is an important factor in our Huiguang products has been well-received in the industry. After understanding the contents, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission visited the report team and felt the connotation of product design, which was greatly appreciated. Deputy Director Yu said that Huiguang Technology has strong strength and strong scientific and technological innovation ability. It has turned Chinese manufacturing into a Chinese creation. It can make self-service terminal products to all walks of life, bloom everywhere, and each product is so sophisticated. It is an effective embodiment of Huiguang's strength.

At the symposium, Huang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company, first introduced the company, introduced the company's operating philosophy, company advantages, new product research and development, and highlighted the participation in the "Mayor Cup" Creative Hangzhou Competition this year. Products---DT-98B hospital self-service film machine, perfect product shape, ergonomic layout, powerful product features, simple and convenient operation process, all for convenience and user experience. After listening to the introduction of the participating products, the Deputy Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission Yu affirmed our innovative design capabilities, and let us prepare for the finals of the "Mayor Cup" contest, encouraging us to launch an impact on the gold medal of the competition. We also benefited from how to grasp the characteristics of the product, how to grasp the characteristics of the product, how to convince the experts on the spot, and the valuable opinions of Deputy Director Yu.

Since then, Mr. Zhang has also made in-depth introduction and analysis on the history and future development trends of Huitong and Huiguang, and expects to receive strong support from the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Mr. Zhang said: "Our company started from an idea. At the beginning, there were only four garages and a dozen people. Up to now, more than 200 people are in the process of organizing enterprises. It is a process of accumulating slowly. Precipitation. When the domestic software industry just started, I saw a direction, that is, to be a software carrier, on the carrier through the combination of software and hardware to achieve the process of serving customers, this is my original Ideas, and when some ideas get together, that's a bright spot. We've been moving toward that bright spot and never slowed down; of course, the process is tough, step by step." For Zhang Zong The development experience and the investigation report group are also full of interest, and plans to recommend Zhang as an example of outstanding science and technology workers in Hangzhou, and report a special report about Zhang as an outstanding scientific and technological worker.

During the discussion, the Deputy Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Mr. Yu, highly recognized the company's exploration in business model, management mode, and scientific and technological innovation, and expressed high approval and full affirmation for the future development of Huiguang Technology. We hope that we will make More results and many constructive comments on the development of our company. At present, Huiguang Technology has entered the top 35 of the 2015 “Mayor Cup” Creative Hangzhou Design Competition. Deputy Director Yu said that the company is striving to innovate, and the Municipal Science and Technology Commission should also vigorously and focus on promoting Huiguang Technology to promote technological innovation. To promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the follow-up Municipal Science and Technology Commission and various media reporters will strengthen close ties with Huiguang Technology and strengthen publicity and reporting to show the wonderful of Huiguang Technology!