Returning to the reputation, Huiguang Technology participated in the 2015 China International Finance Exhibition and was a complete success.


On October 18th, 2015 China International Finance Exhib […]

On October 18th, 2015 China International Finance Exhibition ended successfully in Shanghai in Jinqiu. Since its launch on the 15th, Hangzhou Huiguang Technology Co., Ltd. has been in the booth of N4 Pavilion, and the exhibition announced its perfect ending. The company's products VTM, super counters and other products have received extensive attention at the exhibition, and new and old customers have shown great interest in the products.

Huiguang booth, red style, magnificent

Huiguang Technology Booth

This time, Huiguang Technology re-installed and displayed five series of more than 10 products of Smart Bank, Smart Transportation, Smart Community, Smart Medical, and Internet+. The design is novel, the craftsmanship is exquisite, attracting people to stop, and many visitors come back and forth. Look at it a few times and praise it.

Participants and staff explained patiently

The “Huiguang” design received strong publicity. A total of more than 1,000 color pages were distributed at the exhibition. More than 2,000 business cards were placed on the exhibition site. The number of customers who visited the inquiry reached 2,800. Not only friends from related industries in China, but also many foreign customers came to negotiate. During the exhibition, many old customers came to communicate with new prototypes and programs, and communicated the procurement direction and plan for next year. Among them, 4 customers finalized orders. I bought it!

Participating staff to distribute information

The participating staff distributed the information to Huiguang Technology, a beautiful scenery in the exhibition.

"Perfect", "Good", "Beautiful", this is what foreign customers often say, Xiaobian can only understand this, of course, OK, OK,

Participants and staff explained patiently

Zhang Zong communicates with customers about the process design

Fu total and customer communication supply plan

This year's financial exhibition highlights advanced financial technology and equipment, and demonstrates the achievements of financial science and technology innovation in recent years, thus reflecting the leading role of science and technology in financial service innovation, and the promotion of financial innovation demand to the development of science and technology, so that the people experience "Internet +" Time saving, speed and convenience brought by life. The introduction of novel financial products and cutting-edge financial technology applications have created a ground-breaking, positive energy financial event.

A financial event with positive energy and grounding gas

Huiguang Technology Department's huge visiting team

Under the situation that financial reform and opening up has entered a new stage, as an expert in the self-service terminal industry, Huiguang Technology has been working hard to bring you more and better solutions, and continue to focus on the development of self-service smart terminal products. Production and core technology research and development, continuous efforts to build a smart city in China, comprehensively promote the new urbanization process and experience upgrade of convenience service, contribute more wisdom and strength to the innovation and development of China's self-service industry, to serve the society and to benefit the people's livelihood. .