Huiguang "VTM Remote Teller Machine" won the 2015 China International Financial Exhibition Golden Tripod Award


In November 2015, the China International Financial Exh […]

In November 2015, the China International Financial Exhibition Organizing Committee announced the “2015 China International Financial Exhibition Golden Ding Award Winners List”, Huiguang Technology is on the list.

As one of the most influential professional exhibitions of financial equipment in the world, the weight of the Golden Ding Award in the 2015 China (Shanghai) International Finance Exhibition is undoubted. According to the relevant person in charge of the Jinding Awards Judging Committee, after reviewing the market application situation for nearly half a year, the judging committee conducted a comprehensive evaluation from the aspects of creativity, intelligence and technical application of the products and services, and carried out a comprehensive evaluation. The second round of screening, the final vote was produced.

Huiguang Technology VTM series products are the new masterpieces of Huiguang Technology in 2015. The extreme process of products and the ultimate experience of performance, Huiguang Technology VTM series remote teller machine has standard operation screen, advertising screen, reading card issuing equipment, scanning equipment and printing. In addition to equipment and communication equipment, it is equipped with multiple high-definition cameras to achieve all-round monitoring, equipped with a secure electronic lock to improve protection and safety. In addition, it adds a multi-color indicator light close to the sensor and each module, which is rich in functions. The ultimate in appearance and structure is perfect and perfect.

In 2015, China International Financial Exhibition won the Golden Ding Award, which represented the recognition of Huiguang “VTM” series remote teller machine. On the road of self-help industry development, Huiguang Technology will continue to advance, integrate the concept of industrial design into R&D and innovation, and truly realize the whole process of the craftsman spirit throughout the production process, creating more self-service new products with rich industry applications.