Huiguang Technology and Jintong Technology held the "Green China" annual summary and development planning symposium


In the first half of January 2015, Huiguang Technology […]

In the first half of January 2015, Huiguang Technology and Jintong Technology held various symposiums of “Green China” annual summary and future development planning with our suppliers. The representatives of various suppliers and Jintong management conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the progress of the public bicycle project in the past year and the priorities of the next year, and jointly promoted the construction of smart cities and the upgrade of the convenience service.

Among them, our company made a key analysis and introduction on the status quo of urban development and the future prospect of the industry. Between the characteristics of public bicycle projects and the process of urban development, to solve the problem of urban road traffic congestion and environmental degradation, and how to strengthen the market competitiveness of our products and consolidate the market position of products, how to let more people participate in the public bicycle business It is proposed that "people are users, users are the market." We start with products, start with concepts, adapt and adapt to products and models according to changing markets, make products meet the needs of current urban development, and thus win a wider market, and develop a comprehensive development of public bicycle projects. It is an effective program to strengthen competitiveness.

After this discussion, various suppliers and Jintong management have gained a deeper understanding, one is unified standardization, and the other is about brand image. Therefore, we must establish the brand image of Huiguang Technology, including the unification and promotion of corporate image and product image. It is a key point that cannot be ignored in the future; the two parties have reached an agreement and hope that in the new year, we can cooperate in a public bicycle project. Constant concept innovation, design innovation, material innovation, process innovation, in order to promote and promote the positive and healthy development of smart cities!